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Behind the Label: Aaron Sechrist & Cavs Cab

Behind every label of Nocking Point—besides the delicious vino peering through the glass—is a story. For Aaron Sechrist, the label is the story. A nationally-celebrated artist and Cleveland native, Aaron took more than a passive interest in designing a wine label. Instead, he channeled his life experience, his creative prowess and love for his hometown and team to create a timeless celebration of the ‘LAND. We caught up with him recently to talk about the process and how he created the Cavs Cab label.

When this project came to you, did an immediate concept come to mind?
For most projects I always have an initial notion of what I’d like to do in a vacuum, and then I have a notion of where a project actually needs to go after talking with the brand. in Nocking Point’s case, this particular art had some very specific notes that needed to be hit, in addition to The Cavaliers being a partner in this release. NP and The Cavs made it easy to point the compass in that direction and from there it felt like things just fell into place on my end, which is how successful projects should feel.

Can you describe some of the elements you used in your design?
I really enjoy stripping architectural elements down to their most essential forms and then rendering those in an unexpected direction. Buildings and bridges used to scare me from an illustrative standpoint in regards to the immense level of detail needed, so I lean on the designer in me to flatten those down, abstract them to an extent, and let those things sing as more graphic entities. I really enjoy linear and concentric patterns and pushing those to an almost hypnotic effect, which turns what can usually be a background player into a feature piece.

How was the experience working with Nocking Point and the Cavs organization?
Having more than a few creative voices in the room can oftentimes eat away at the best intentions of a design project, but Zac and the folks at both Nocking Point and The Cavs made for a smooth, energized and fun process. The direction was clear and unified from the jump and the dialogue from all parties pushed this art forward in the best possible way. They trusted me to do what I do, and they came to the table with input and energy that laid the foundation for a cool piece.

Where do you stand with ‘Bron?
He brought my city a ring. He built a school. He’s great in Trainwreck. He is the GOAT.

Do you enjoy the occasional glass of wine?
As a man of romance with poetry in his heart I’ve been known to partake in wines of the red varieties for sure. I like to slurp on it a bit like a sommelier and pretend that I know what the hell I’m doing with all that. I am a man of luxury, or so I like to pretend.

Where does a project like this stand for you, as a Cleveland native?
It means everything to not only be approached by a nationally known brand as an ambassador to the city I was born and raised, but to be able to collaborate with the team I’ve been rooting for since I was a kid. I was in the building for the watch party for Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. I partied in the streets that night well into that next morning. It was one of the top-5 nights of my whole life. Being an independent artist is a hard gig, and to be connected to The Cavs legacy in some small way validates what I’ve endured to build this thing of mine. It also seemed like a good opportunity to score some free wine.

Learn more about Aaron Sechrist, aka Pants, at

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