I just bought some wine. Can Stephen sign my bottle?

Stephen is constantly on the move filming one of the coolest shows on television that we’re all huge fans of. As a result of his busy work schedule and location, he is not able to sign individual bottles because he’s simply not physically near the wine very often. BUT, we do have signed bottles available in our Tasting Room in beautiful Walla Walla, Washington!

Where can you ship the wine, coffee and other merchandise?

Wine: Right now we can ship wine within the US. Learn more about where we ship and how it all works right here:

Coffee: Anywhere in the world!

Clothing & merchandise: Anywhere in the world!

I’d like to know how much shipping will cost before I buy something. Where do I get that info?

Shipping prices are based on the orders size, weight, and the distance to the destination address. We use a service that tells us how much each unique shipment will cost when the items are in the shopping cart on the site and you’re about to check out. So, to find out how much shipping to your destination will cost for any of the items on our site, simply add them to the cart and begin the checkout process. The site will definitely provide you with accurate shipping prices before you pay and complete your order.

I ordered something from your website.  When will I get tracking info?

Wine:  Once you place your order and get an email confirmation we receive your order immediately on our end too.  We wait for the payment to completely process and then we manually pack up the box and take it to the carrier.  We usually try to do this once or twice a week so you should receive your wine within a week or two of your purchase depending on how far you live from Walla Walla, WA.  You will get tracking information once the wine reaches our carrier and heads out the door.

Other Merchandise:  Once you place your order and get an email confirmation we receive your order immediately on our end too.  We then check our inventory and if we have your size in stock we pack it up and ship it within a few days tops. Sometimes we’re out of inventory on shirts but we’re always ordering more so as soon as we get the next shipment from our supplier, your order will be on its way!  The instant we create your shipping label and package up your items for delivery you will receive an email that includes your item(s) tracking details. With that tracking number you can get delivery updates from the carrier until it arrives at your door. USPS and UPS tracking for international orders is a little bit different and we’ve learned that it’s not always as comprehensive or up-to-date as U.S.-delivered orders so for those of you who are overseas, thanks for your patience as you wait for your items to arrive. We’ve seen items fly through customs in literally no time and in other countries we know incoming shipments have sat for as long as 2-3 months (if there was ANYTHING we could do about that, we would!!) so thank you in advance for your patience if your customs wait time is longer than expected.

Coffee: Our coffee comes fresh from the roastery every Friday and orders placed during the prior week go out that day so your coffee is always incredibly fresh!

I ordered a shirt and wine but only received the wine – where is my shirt?

For a couple of reasons we won’t bore you with, wine and regular merchandise have to ship separately. It’s mostly because merchandise can’t squeeze into our wine shipping boxes that are molded perfectly around the wine bottles so they don’t break in transit! You’re wine and shirt will likely arrive at different times so thanks for your patience!

How long does it usually take for orders to arrive?

You can see a little more explanation regarding our shipping procedure above, but since we are manually packing everything we send you it depends on when we received your order and our current inventory levels.  We estimate that you will receive your items within 10-90 business days (or sometimes sooner!).  We thank you in advance for your patience!

If I order wine does an adult need to sign for it in person when it’s delivered?

Since we are shipping alcohol it is a federal law that someone over the age of 21 be present to sign and accept the package.  UPS will make 3 delivery attempts before sending it back to our winery.  Please make sure someone 21 or over is home to sign for your fabulous wine!  You can check the estimated delivery date once you receive your tracking information via email.

Why can’t I get wine shipped to my state? When can you ship wine to my state?

Shipping wine is a little different than sending non-alcohol related items.  We must obtain interstate shipping permits, pay fees, obtain some state-level bonds, and even get wine label approval in some cases. When you couple that with the fact that we don’t make much wine yet, we learned that it only made sense to ship wine to the states you see on our Shipping Policies page (to see that availability map click here). We’ll most definitely open it up to more locations in the future as we increase our production, but for now we’re limited to shipping to just the states you see on the map. We know some early orders made it into some of the states we can’t ship to now – but those were via a 3rd party shipper that we’re no longer utilizing – so sorry for the confusion there. Stay tuned as we update our state shipping availabilities in the future….we’ll make many announcements as each new state becomes available! We don’t have ETAs on any of them at the moment as they all take varying amounts of time but we’ll get to all of them sometime in the future.

Where can I buy your wine besides online?

We only sell our wines via our wine club (US only) and in our Tasting Room at 225 E Aeronca Ave, Walla Walla, WA 99362. We’re always working on new ways to make and distribute more wine so follow us on Facebook to be the first to hear about new developments!

Do you have a tasting room in Walla Walla that I can visit?

YES WE DO! Come see us at 225 E Aeronca Ave, Walla Walla, WA 99362. We are open M-F from 11am-3pm and on Saturday’s 11am-5. We have a great patio and lots of exclusive tasting-room-only items so come see us soon! Call before you visit at (509) 524-8496 to be sure we’re there!

I want a shirt but I’m not sure which size to order. Do you have a sizing chart?

We do have a sizing chart and it is right here » Sizing Chart

I ordered a shirt and it doesn’t fit. Can I exchange it for another size?

Of course! We want everyone to be happy. If you receive your shirt and it doesn’t fit just hit us up on our Contact Us page and we’ll coordinate the exchange with you.