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2019 “GAMETIME” Red
“Hometown” Walla Walla Valley Red Blend
2018″KDH” Sauvignon Blanc

This collection story: Each of these bottles have their own special meaning to Andrew Harding. “GAMETIME” wine is something that he’s super excited about and has been leading the charge on some really great ideas for. It’s that time of the year where we have the NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, and Major League Baseball all happening at once, the Olympics is around the corner, and sports as a whole seem to be getting back to a sense of normal. We can’t wait to see you writing in your favorite teams and athletes on this one. • “Hometown Red” is a love letter to our home base of Walla Walla, WA. The label not only features members of Andrew’s family, but also every bottle features a photo of members of our extended NP family while visiting The Tasting Room. We can’t wait to have everyone back for another party weekend! • “KDH” is the annual Sauvignon Blanc art directed by Andrew’s daughter Kennedy.  It’s currently Sauvignon Blanc season and who doesn’t love a princess label?  Cheers!