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NP’s Ultra-Premium Home Bar Essentials


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The Details

Everyone needs some proper, high-quality basics for their bar. We pulled some of our best bar tools & accessories together for you in this super high-value kit. Get this pack as a gift or keep these 4 awesome items for yourself!

1. Leather-Wrapped, NP Logo-Debossed, Stainless Steel FlaskA good flask is hard to find and a great flask at an awesome price is almost non-existent. We solved this riddle for you…and you’re welcome. We love these things and hope you do too! Use it at home or on the move — there are no rules when it comes to high-class cocktail time.

2. Premium Stone Coasters with Hardwood Holder/Display: We got some of these with iconic Hollywood area buildings on them a few years ago. That set of 4 coasters was like $40. We found basically the exact same coasters and made them even cooler by putting our own logo on them. You’re going to use these constantly at home with your friends as you solve the world’s problems together over a few cocktails!

3. NP-Branded Wine Chiller Sleeve: Keep this new wine cooler sleeve in your freezer at all times. Then, when it’s time to chill some wine, slide this bad boy down over the top of your bottle and you’ve got perfectly-cooled juice down to the last drop. Here’s a bonus benefit we also realized: this thing makes a great reusable ice pack for ice chests and/or minor injuries! It’s a wine chiller, food chiller, and NP-branded first-aid ice pack in one!

4. Lisse Two-Step Professional Corkscrew: Ever order a bottle of wine at a nice restaurant and watch your waiter whip out one of those really nice, two-step corkscrews to open your bottle? Well now you have your own! This sturdy, matte-finished tool is going to be your favorite wine accessory for years!