It’s Your Day-to-Day, “Go-To” Rosé

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The Details

Blend: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre
Washington State
Sean Boyd
Release Date: 
July 1, 2020
Original Label Art By: 
Seth Rexilius

NOTES: Pink grapefruit, melon, fresh lemon  ••  PALATE: Easy-drinking, lean/high acidity, juicy red fruits, sweet citrus, dry style  ••   AGED: Stainless steel  ••   SWEETNESS: Low  ••   ACIDITY:  Medium-High  ••   BODY: Low-Medium  ••  TANNINS: None  ••  TASTES LIKE: The day-to-day go-to Rosé that you think about all the time. The one that’s waiting for you after a long day at work, when the kids go to sleep, or on a hot summer afternoon.   ••  DRINK WITH: Yourself, your friends, your family, and pizza. Always pizza.

This wine’s story: This wine’ story is a different one for a variety of reasons. Timing, the vision for this wine, and an ongoing charitable component sets it apart from anything else we’ve done before. Here’s the story behind this first-of-its kind project! This story has 3 acts, here you go:

1) This brand and label was intended to be our first wine in our 7-year history that we’d put a giant Nocking Point logo on and put on store shelves. We were actually far along with development of this new concept — that’ll eventually end up in alternative format packaging — when our world changed in March. Rather than pause the project completely we pivoted to bottles because we wanted to get this new wine in your hands ASAP because of #2 and #3 below.

2) We wanted to make a super high-quality, lower price point, everyday-drinking rose’ for us and for all of you. We work with premium vineyards on every wine we produce which makes our quality consistently impressive, but it’s hard to get wines out the door for under $20/bottle. We sourced fruit from the same great vineyards for this rose´, called in some serious favors, and were able to get this one out the door to you for $19/bottle…something that we’re super happy about and hope you are too.

3) This wine has an ongoing charitable component for a cause that’s incredibly important to us and we hope will be to you too. We’ve been talking with our new friends at 501CTHREE , the team behind JUST Water, and they’re doing some incredible work bringing clean drinking water to Flint, Newark, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Oakland, Los Angeles, and other areas facing issues with unsafe drinking water. You’ll hear more from us on this initiative as time progresses but for now just know that every bottle of this rose’ that you drink contributes $1 worth of clean drinking water to our fellow citizens who really need it, all via the good people at 501CTHREE and JUST Water.

So, we hope you enjoy this day-to-day, “Go-To” Rose´and we hope you fell as good as we do about our mutual support for our friends at 501CTHREE. And, we hope we made your day-to-day wine selection super simple with this one…and there may be more like it coming your way soon!