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“The Comeback” By Tedy Bruschi / Tedy’s Team
“Anti-Party” By Nicole Scherzinger
“Pinche Wine” By Aaron Diaz

This collection story from LP Himself: I love all 3 of these collab wines because of the stories behind them.
I played 9yrs with Tedy Bruschi and was with him days before and days after his stroke. I’ve seen first hand how his Comeback not only changed his life, but many others who’ve suffered and Comeback from a Stroke and Heart Disease. The Pinche story comes from a funny phone call I had with Aaron Diaz after our trip to Australia for the GoPro creator summit. He called me his Pinche Homie that he’d felt like he known since he was a kid. I expressed the same sentiment. I told him let’s do a Pinche Wine together with my buddies at Nocking Point and you paint the artwork for the label. We literally laughed and said well that’s the fucking name then…PINCHE WINE!!! hahah
Finally,  I ran into Nicole also while I was on my way to Australia with Aaron Diaz. She was a huge fan of what I did with Derek Hough while overseeing Global Sports and Entertainment for GoPro. After the pandemic hit, I reached out to her to see if she wanted to try  something a little different, and produce her own wine. with us at NP. She was super into it and really enjoyed the creative process behind it. He choice of the name was kind of a toast to Partying at Home while on lockdown! It was so much fun working with her and her team.