2018 “MAJA” Pinot Gris

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The Details

Blend: 100% Pinot Gris
Appellation: Yakima Valley
Winemaker: John Freeman
Release Date: June 1, 2019
Original Label Art By: Danny Haas x Mavi Amell

NOTES: Nectarine, peach ring, white flowers  ••  PALATE: Medium bodied, dry, silky texture, bright acidity, feminine  ••   AGED: Stainless steel tank  ••   SWEETNESS: Low  ••   ACIDITY:  Medium  ••   BODY: Medium ••  TANNINS: Low  ••  TASTES LIKE: Biting into a peach, in a garden of white flowers  ••  DRINK WITH: Light poultry, thai, salad, grilled fish, duck.

This wine’s story: As always, the 2018 MAJA was creative directed by Maverick Alexandra Jean Amell, daughter of Stephen and Cassandra Amell. This year brought her the inspiration to include a pony on the label, but not just any pony, “a yellow pony with pink hair, that loves every rainbow in town.” This vintage is a special one, as you’ll notice the color of the wine is more pink than usual! This can happen with Pinot Gris (Gris = Grey), which tends to have berries and subsequently juice that turn grey/pink in color. Every vintage is different, and this year the grapes took on a more pink hue than usual, resulting in a pale rose color in the finished wine! Tastewise, this wine is consistent with past years, with hints of white peach, white flowers, jasmine and honeysuckle.