The NP Rose´3-Pack


Please be sure someone 21 or over is present to sign for the package when it arrives!

The Details


1 bottle of Apex Rose´+ 1 bottle of NERD HQ Rose´1.0 + 1 bottle of NERD HQ Rose´2.0 (while supplies last!)

» This is the only way to get your hands on more of NP’s rose´wines! As many of you know, we made a TON of rose´for NERD HQ at SDCC this year. And as you also know, the full NERD HQ experience isn’t happening at SDCC this year so that leaves us with some extra juice to share that we had no idea would be available. So, here we go…get your 3-packs of NP Rose´ — all at special wine club member blowout pricing — right here for a limited time. You get $90 worth of rose´for $60. Why? Because when plans change we make the most of it and we like the spread the love! San Diego’s loss is your gain so grab your rose´ on this special 4th of July, one-of-a-kind blowout while supplies last!