“Of Queens & Angels” by Katherine McNamara

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The Details

Blend: 25% Malbec / 75% Syrah
Appellation: Columbia Valley
Winemaker: Sean Boyd
Consulting Winemaker: Katherine McNamara
Release Date: March 1, 2020
Original Label Art By: Brian Brown

This wine’s story: “Of Queens & Angels” pays homage to two characters that are near and dear to Kat, and we had a lot of fun sitting down for a tasting session with her towards the end of 2019 right around the debut of the crossover! We tasted a number of wines & Kat chose a blend of Malbec & Syrah, which coincidentally are the two grapes behind the NP classics “Amell-bec,” and “Pacific Coast Pink”… “Of Queens & Angels” is dark and regal with a magical mystery and a finishing bite, this is a hero among wines with a legacy of its own that hits the mark every time. Enjoy!