Sarrah Harding Selects

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The Details


“Après Twenty Twenty” Sparkling Rosé 
“Hometown” Walla Walla Valley Red Blend
“Bye & Bye” Syrah

This collection story:  Just like her brother Andrew’s, we think Sarrah’s selections here have a bit of that same hometown feel to them. Hers also features the “Hometown” red blend featuring numerous members of the NP family & friends enjoying simpler times at The Tasting Room, but also the limited edition classic, “Bye & Bye” Syrah.  Bye & Bye is the unofficial Washington State motto.  It’s synonymous with the Native American term “Alki” and a symbol of hope for the future.    After 2020, we all needed a symbol of hope for the future, so this just fits! (We also think it’s because Syrah sounds like Sarrah) Speaking of after 2020, Sarrah also picked Après Twenty Twenty two accompany these two reds, because who doesn’t love to celebrate with some sparkling!