“Turnaround” Mourvèdre by Stephen Amell

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The Details

Blend:100% Mourvèdre

Appellation:Washington State

Winemaker:Sean Boyd

Consulting Winemaker:Stephen Amell

Release Date:August 1, 2019

Original Label Art By: Brian Brown

Availability: 200 cases produced

NOTES: Red fruit, cherry, vanilla, white pepper, spice  // PALATE: Juicy fruit, bright acidity, complex  • AGED: Neutral French Oak  //  SWEETNESS: Low  //  ACIDITY:  Medium+  //  BODY: Medium+  //  TANNINS: Medium  //  TASTES LIKE: Fruity, savory, spicy all-in-one  //  DRINK WITH: Roasted turkey, pork chops, veal parmigiana, BBQ, earth veggies

THIS WINE’S STORY: On a production set, the Turnaround is the amount of time you have between shifts- between when a late night of shooting ends, and the next morning of shooting begins. It’s that sweet respite from hard work, a deep breath, a moment to reflect and reload for what’s next. And this wine– this balanced, complex red, is the perfect accompaniment to those moments. “Please consume this wine on a work night. Because sometimes wine tastes better when you have to work the next day” – Stephen Amell – On a hot summer day, this one is best enjoyed with a slight chill – enjoy that refreshing acidity at your backyard BBQ. Otherwise, room temperature is perfect for this one, alongside a hearty, comfort-food style meal.