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Wine Shipping

FedEx Ground is our standard shipping method for wine and USPS for merchandise orders. Extreme weather may damage wine, therefore during times of extreme weather conditions (hot and cold temperatures) we DO NOT ship orders. Please note that we only ship wine orders on Tuesday and Thursday during fair weather shipping conditions. If you have any questions about your order or its delivery status, please contact us at: info@nockingpointwines.com

For wine orders we can currently only ship to the states marked green on the map below. Due to certain states’ incoming wine shipment rules and fees, it is illegal and/or cost prohibitive for us to ship to the states in white or red at this current time.

Connecticut Surcharges

Each state requires us to comply with their own regulations and pay fees for shipping wine to their residents. All states require shipping permits that have a flat annual fee. Some states require additional fees, bonds, label approvals for each wine we make, and additional taxes on incoming wine. Connecticut is one state that charges fees beyond the ordinary. In order for us to unlock shipping to your state we need to charge a very small, $10 surcharge per shipment to Connecticut residents. As more Connecticut members join we will drop that surcharge down to hopefully $0 in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are excited to share our wine and goodies with you!

Merchandise Can Be Shipped Anywhere!

We can ship merchandise orders to anywhere in the world so feel free to grab some of our great gear anytime!

Sorry, international shipments are not available at this time

Sorry, international wine shipments are not available at this time

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