Thank you, Jim!

jim1 A very special thank you goes out to our friend, Jim Lee, who was generous enough to lend his legendary illustration talent to Nocking Point by creating the original piece of art you see as the focal point of our label. If you’ve ever seen or held Batman, Superman, The Green Arrow, or any other DC Comic & Justice League character’s comic book, movie, action figure, or other illustrated media, then you’ve personally experienced Jim’s exceptional work.

We met with Jim to explain the concept behind the name of our winery – we wanted to give a nod to the field of archery; we wanted the piece to feel more rough than refined; and we were thinking we wanted more of a pencil/charcoal sketch and less of a full-color rendering. Jim’s schedule is constantly jammed but he still found time to contribute to our project. He tossed several initial sketch concepts our way and each one was absolutely fantastic. The one we settled on is now at the center of our first label…but you might see some of the other sketches he did for us in the future too!




…And Here’s Our Label!

We’d also like to thank Cody Onthank, a talented graphic designer in Walla Walla who took Jim’s artwork and tied it into a logo, look and feel that we were shooting for. Cody, you nailed it!