Zoom "Cornbread Red" by Cornbread Cowboi
Zoom "Cornbread Red" by Cornbread Cowboi

"Cornbread Red" by Cornbread Cowboi

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Introducing "Cornbread Red" by Orry Lee. A fine red wine that'll have you loading up the juke box with solid gold country and dancing the night away. 

Premium juice straight from  USA TODAY's #1 Wine Region for 2 years running. 
Blend: 67% Cabernet Sauvignon / 33% Syrah
Appellation: Washington State
Notes: Like strolling through a ripe orchard at dawn, with the scent of blackberries, plums, and a hint of blueberry hangin' in the air. There's a whisper of vanilla too, like grandma's homemade pie cooling on the windowsill.
Palate: When you take a sip, it's like diving into a river of rich, ripe berries. Picture yourself biting into a plump blackberry, the juice bursting on your tongue, followed by a rush of deep, dark plum. But hold onto your hat, 'cause here comes the Syrah, adding its own spicy twist to the mix. You'll taste hints of black cherry and maybe even a touch of cracked black pepper, like a little kick of country heat.
Pairs well with: You're best home cookin'!

"Cornbread Red" by Cornbread Cowboi




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