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Zoom Coffee Club for Cause
Zoom Coffee Club for Cause
Zoom Coffee Club for Cause

Coffee Club for Cause

10% of sales go to #StandWithUkraine

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Coffee Club for Cause


This Box Has Impact

Coffee hits different when you know it's making a positive impact. 10% of proceeds will go directly to support the #StandWithUkraine GoFundMe hosted by Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis.

Choose between 1, 2, or 3 bags per month (we do 3 bags...just saying...) and enjoy all of our membership perks including FREE access to all NP events, 10% off, $5 shipping, a member-only shop, a private Discord channel, exclusive merch drops and more ALL WHILE MAKING A POSITIVE IMPACT.

Meet Your Welcome Kit

When you become a member of our clubs, you become a member of our community... and we take care of our community which includes getting your Coffee Club experience DIALED. Your Welcome Kit includes an exclusive NP branded mug (not available for public purchase), your membership card to immediately unlock your club perks like FREE access to NP events, a member-only shop & so much more.

When that first box arrives, your stoke will be so real. Open it up, take a whiff of fresh coffee beans & enjoy.

The Artisan Roasted Coffee

Taste Tour the World

Let us take you on a taste tour of the world. We work with expert roasters in Eastern Washington to produce custom blends to deliver quality taste (and smells) directly to your doorstep. Every month, your coffee beans will be coming from a different origin countries.

This month, they're heading all the way from Colombia. Colombian coffee is characterized by low acidity with balanced sweetness,
often with caramel notes. However, there is a ton of variety between
different crops with other subtle notes like cherry, orange, vanilla,
chocolate and even cola making their way into your cup.

Commitment Issues?

Take us for a taste drive & try out all our premium coffee roasts.

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