"Beadle Juice" Red Wine by Michelle Beadle + Nocking Point Wines

Beadle Juice, Beadle Juice, Beadle Juice! Our May collaboration is here!

Great wines have become a serious “thing” amongst NBA players with many of them trying to one-up each other with that next epic, hard-to-find, elite bottle of wine. Our favorite NBA reporter and official lady-boss, Michelle Beadle , worked with us to drop HER OWN red wine that she plans on sharing with you, her friends, her family…and probably a few of her NBA buddies as well. Michelle is well-versed in big Cabernets from Napa Valley so we paired her up with our winemaker in Northern California to pull some reds out of barrel that could stand the taste test to potentially become Beadle Juice! After two super fun blending sessions with Michelle along with some friends and her brother, we landed on a blend of three renowned, robust California grapes: Cab, Malbec, and the darkest of them all… Petit Verdot. You’ll love this limited-edition, approachable California red blend as much as you’ll love the story and label. It ranks up there as one of the coolest original pieces of artwork we’ve done for any of our wine labels, ever!

And, as if getting your hands on this limited-edition wine wasn’t cool enough, a portion of its proceeds goes to benefit the ACLU. You can get “Beadle Juice” along with our new Riesling, “Head Shrinker,” (Get it? Stephen’s movie creativity at work on this one!) at member pricing by signing up for The Tastemakers’ Club today! Each of these new wines is also available in the NP SHOP today too. Enjoy and thank you for being part of our awesome community of wine lovers, story-tellers, and charitable cause supporters!

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