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Dropping March 1st: "MACH 17" Oregon Pinot Noir

What do you get when you mix an ultra-premium Oregon Pinot and an adorable backstory? MACH 17 by Nocking Point, of course!

This headline almost read “What do you get when you mix an ultra-premium Oregon Pinot and an adorable 18-month old?” but that probably wouldn’t play well with certain audiences! Either way, who doesn’t love a $50+ bottle of Oregon Pinot with a great story behind it? Bottle 2-of-2 inside your March 1st Tastemaker’s Club box is “MACH 17”, a crazy-good Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley. The winemaker on this one blessed us with quality that surpasses $50/bottle but you’ll be getting it this month — along with Rob Prior’s “Table for Raven’s” — for just $49 including free shipping!

Named after co-founder Andrew Harding’s son, Miller Austin Charles Harding (MACH), was born in 2017 (thus the “17”). In the future he’ll be art-directing this label on his own but for this vintage we took the liberty of using his initials along with an image of a fighter jet to launch his new label that will repeat annually and live on forever. We had a lot of fun with the video above so take a second to watch…we hope you like it as much as we know you’ll love the wine. Cheers!


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