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The Follow Up to Quarantine Wine From Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis has Arrived!


In 2020 we produced a wine called, "Quarantine" with our great friends, Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis. We, along with everyone who purchased the wine, rallied to raise $1 million for COVID-response charities during their greatest time of need. "OUTSIDE" is the follow-up to "Quarantine" and again, the brainchild of our buddy, Ashton.

We got a little outside-the-box when coming up with this concept. Red wine in flint (clear) glass? Almost never done. And, is this the first wine ever that gives you a surprise reveal at the end? We think so...

When you finish this delicious red blend, blended and selected personally by Ashton, take a peek "inside the box" to see the specific charity you've just supported. Net profits from every bottle sold will go to a short list of charities that we've pre-identified as doing awesome work for the greater good. And, we'll be tagging in other wine and non-profit-supporting personalities to help us spread the message, the wine, and the funds we raise. The wine will continue to be fantastic and the causes you'll support will change with the next time you feel like raising a glass of some delicious red wine, do it in the spirit of helping causes out who could really use a hand. Let's all cheers to that!

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