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Pacific Coast Pink by Emily Bett Rickards is Back!

Fresh on the heels of a sell out of last year’s edition, Emily Bett’s creation Pacific Coast Pink Sparkling Rosé is back for its third vintage! We are extra excited about it this year, mainly because this year’s release was made by good friend and longtime winemaker Sean Boyd. Sean recently decided to start producing sparkling wine under his own label, and we had to get in on that action for Nocking Point of course!

This year’s release is a vintage sparkling wine (vs. non-vintage), which means all of the grapes were harvested during one harvest, rather than the finished wine potentially being a blend of many vintages. It’s a blend of Syrah & Cinsault- two Rhone varietals that make great rosé still wines, and as this wine proves, great sparkling rosé as well! Sean made the dry sparkling base first from these two varietals, sparkled the wine in tank, and then (as per with most sparkling wines) gave the wine a small dosage before bottling to create the perfect balance of sweetness, acidity, and mousse (that’s the bubbles!).

This year’s sparkling rosé is lean, bright, refreshing and will be a delight for any celebration, holiday or otherwise. Plus, it has an amazing new look in clear glass! We can’t wait for you to try it!

Cheers and happy holidays,

Your friends at NP.

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