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Primitivo Coming in 2019!

As you may have noticed from our recent social media posts, we’ve got a new winemaker on board! Her name is Jennifer Reichardt and she is AWESOME. (More on Jen coming soon!)

In the pics here, Jen is working on a Primitivo! Primitivo is a native Italian grape – not commonly grown or made in the USA. It’s often referenced as the Italian cousin of Zinfandel, though the two grapes have some fundamental differences and usually produce pretty different styles of wine. We are working with Jen on a Primitivo that will be ready to bottle in Summer 2019 – a style that will be easy drinking and delicious, and capture the true nature of Primitivo.

Jen is super stoked, we’re super stoked, can’t wait to get this in your glasses! (And ours too, obviously).

Check out some more photos below and make sure to follow us & Jen (@duckdaughterjj) on instagram for much more!

Katie Owen
NP’s resident sommelier

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