So Long, 2020. It's Been Real

What a f—ing year. To quote one of the more popular Nocking Point labels, FU 2020. Seemingly, we saw it all in one calendar year. And while we continue to endure and navigate the unpredictable road ahead, we can symbolically wipe the calendar clean on New Year’s Eve.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t raise a glass or two for the many things we do want to remember. Although an unprecedented number of hardships befell us all, the greatness and creativity in people shined throughout the year. And here at Nocking Point, new collaborations, monumental growth of our community and strong support of charities close to our hearts has helped make 2020 a remarkable year.

The emergence of the Pandemic and the regional lockdowns across the world spawned a truly unique collaboration with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Together, we produced Quarantine Wine, benefiting GiveDirectly, Direct Relief, Frontline Responders Fund, and America’s Food Fund. The exclusive Pinot Noir raised $1 million and brought additional awareness to the hardships the lockdown brought upon so many.

As well, our wines generated donations for some other great charities close to our hearts, including F*CK CANCER, No Kid Hungry, Kulture City and Tedy’s Team. Whether it was through our unique wine collaborations like F*CK CANCER and The Comeback, or redirecting proceeds from some of our other favorite wines, we are proud of the support we were able to provide, especially during this challenging year.

During the course of the 2020, we also added some fantastic names to our incredible roster of collaborators, including Kindhumans, Tedy Bruschi, Aaron Diaz, Gray Malin, the Real Housewives, and Jessie James Decker (you can read more in Forbes), to name a few. We continue to be inspired by our community and the creativity they bring to the table. With each new collab, we see the possibilities grow. From label creation and wine making to the stories that are blended into each bottle, we are so proud of the wines that we’ve added to the cellar this year.

If the above wasn’t more than enough to call 2020 a success, Nocking Point also became the Official Wine of Sports and kicked off the new responsibility by announcing a first-of-its-kind partnership with the Cleveland Cavaliers. As the Official Wine of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Nocking Point is bringing its unique perspective to the storied franchise and introducing a whole new audience to the world of wine. The partnership tipped off with an insider-view video series inside the CAVS training mini-bubble. The series peered into an otherwise closed training camp, bringing fans closer to their team in a time they really needed them most.

And while Nocking Point helped fans get closer to the CAVS during the bubble, we were also scheming with the folks at BravoTV about bringing the most synergetic pairing of wine and drama to ever hit broadcast. As the highly-anticipated Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premiered, fans were able to pour a glass of the Official Wine of the Real Housewives as they tuned in. Offering something for everyone, we released The Real HouseRed, Real HouseWhite, and Real HouseRosé to an enthusiastic fanbase. As you can imagine, the chatter on social media was nearly as loud as the infamous arguments on camera.

Nocking Point and BravoTV servin’ up Real HouseRed, Real HouseWhite, and Real HouseRosé.

Who knows what all 2021 will bring, but whatever it is, it’ll probably go well with a glass of wine. And whether you’re a diehard Real Housewives viewer, a dedicated Cavaliers fan, or just someone who prefers a good story to go with their vino, Nocking Point has a bottle for you. So here’s an unforgettable 2020, and a better, brighter, happier, safer, healthier, more equal, more understanding, and more inclusive 2021.


339,444 Bottles Produced
Across 26 Labels
67,254 Gallons of Wine Bottled
135,233 Orders Shipped
Over $1 Million Donated to Charity

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