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"TABLE FOR RAVENS" Artwork + Wine by Rob Prior: NP's March 2019 Collab

“Before I was even born my family decided I was going to be an artist — that was it.”

— Rob Prior

If you’ve never seen Rob Prior’s artwork — or better yet, his wild and entertaining live shows where he’s painted in front of crowds as large as 27,000 people — then you’re in for a seriously unique, surprising, and seriously entertaining experience. We’ve been good friends and serious fans of Rob for years. He has joined us on stage at our own live events in cities across the U.S. since 2015 and each time we are blown away by the insane detail he can produce — all while using both hands, often eyes-closed, throwing paint, and allowing others to grab a brush to join in on his latest original piece of artwork. His pieces go for prices far higher than we can afford but we knew there was one thing we could do for him that many others couldn’t: allow him to create his very own wine and label.

We love a good artist collab with a great story behind it. We also love a good “first” when it comes to Nocking Point. Rob’s project represents both of these. Check out the video above to hear first-hand how Rob got started down his path of being a renowned artist and how we — admittedly anti-Chardonnay — ended up with our first Chardonnay ever.

To get your hands on Rob’s limited-edition wine simply join our monthly wine club and we’ll send your “Table for Ravens” box on its way! Cheers!


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