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"Tannins in Wine: The Unsung Heroes of Flavor and Structure"

Tannins in wine are like that one weird uncle at a family gathering, they're important but also a bit of a handful. Tannins are naturally occurring compounds found in the skins, seeds and stems of grapes, and they're responsible for giving wine its astringency, bitterness, and structure. They're like the backbone of the wine, giving it shape and holding it together. But why are they so important? Here are 3 things about tannins that make them the life of the wine party.

  1. Tannins provide structure to wine: Tannins give wine its body and help to preserve its flavor and aroma over time. They're like the Spanx of the wine world, holding everything in place and making sure the wine looks good in any glass.
  2. Tannins are responsible for the aging potential of wine: Tannins play a crucial role in the aging potential of wine. As wine ages, tannins gradually soften and integrate into the wine, creating a smoother and more complex flavor. It's like watching a teenager grow into an adult, it can be painful but the end result is worth it.
  3. Tannins can affect the perception of wine: Tannins can affect the perception of wine by creating an astringent sensation in the mouth, which can be perceived as dryness. The astringency of tannins can also be balanced by the acidity and sugar levels in the wine. It's like a game of wine Jenga, pull out the wrong piece and everything falls apart.

Tannins are like the unsung heroes of wine. They give it structure, make it age-worthy, and can affect the way we taste it. Without them, wines would be a lot less interesting. Understanding tannins can help you to identify the flavors and sensations in wine, and to appreciate the complexity and depth of the wines you drink. So, next time you raise a glass, give a cheers to the tannins, they deserve it.

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