A Note From the Founders

We have spent the last week listening, learning, and being moved by voices much larger than our own. We have a long way to go but our commitment at Nocking Point Wines is stronger than ever. Now more than ever we recognize we have a responsibility to support the people, causes, organizations, and movements across the country who operate in the name of racial justice. We stand together with the Black community in the fight against racism, violence, and discrimination…once and for all.

In solidarity with the Black community, Nocking Point stands squarely against the systemic oppression that continues to claim innocent lives. We believe in the true spirit of this nation that champions diversity, equality, and justice for every living individual. We commit to advocate for the movements, solutions, and legal & cultural changes that we all so desperately need — and have needed for far too long.

From day one we’ve believed that supporting people and causes putting in the work for a greater good was critical to our mission. Today we commit to rallying our community and our fundraising efforts with full force behind organizations who fight for racial justice.

We all must unite to make legal and cultural changes. Have the uncomfortable conversations. Seek to understand. Activate in every way you can to fight for racial justice.

Unity and equality for all.

Black Lives Matter.

— SA & AH



Educate & Activate

Black Lives Matter
Campaign Zero
Alliance for Justice
The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
National Urban League

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