Beyond the Wine: April 2021

Nocking Point’s Monthly Bulletin

Trends, tastes, causes, and inspiration that help shape our own ideas…curated and slapped together by our Co-founder, Andrew Harding

Our monthly bulletin rounds up what we’ve been following, what we’re into, what’s inspiring us, and what we’re thinking about lately. The hope is that it inspires and brings something new your way that makes your days a little better. And, we’ll always share a little Nocking Point news that we think will pair perfectly with your next glass of wine…cheers!

A quick note to start with

Sports continue to be on our mind DAILY. I played baseball through college and Sarrah (my twin sister and our GM in Walla Walla) played tennis. Lonie Paxton, our head of partnerships, played for the Patriots for 10 years and won three Super Bowls. Stephen Amell is an athlete in his own right, winning American Ninja Warrior a couple years back and doing the vast majority of his own stunts/action scenes in Arrow for 8 seasons; now, he’s going off the top ropes as a wrestler in his new show, Heels. LeBron was on the cover of Wine Enthusiast and Carmelo was on the cover of Wine Spectator this month. Think there’s an overlap in wine and sports? There is, we’re all about it, and we can’t wait to share our one-of-a-kind take on it with you all beginning here very soon. Being able to blend a love for wine and sports is a dream come true and with a shift toward more sustainable and healthier options (than slamming beers) for sports fans who like an adult beverage during the game, we’re beyond excited to plant our flag in the wine and sports world as the “OFFICIAL WINE OF SPORTS.” And, we trademarked that (along with more great sports world tags) so it’s official and can’t be disputed. Ok? Now onto what we’re enjoying, watching, and following this month!


NEW (at least to us) GOOD STUFF

Listening to (music):
Justin Bieber’s new album (yes, I said it)
Bieber fan or not, this kid is crazy-talented. And, it’s a good new listen (mostly) with kiddos in the room.

Not a show, but watching how this team does their drops is really, really cool. I love a next-level drop strategy…

Listening to (learning):
I love a great prediction and the two hosts drop big ones in tech, business, and politics regularly.

Boozy Jerky (image above)
Love jerky and wine? Then this is for you. Perfectly tender bites for all ages. Special surprise coming soon…

Revenge of the Winklevii
Not a long read but the concept of decentralization always peaks my interest…so many opportunities for us all in the near future.

Flying Embers Hard Kombucha
Vitamin C and Probiotics with a little kick? When it’s not wine I’m sampling through these…


Legends is a new athlete-owned, athletic streetwear brand who we think will become a household name in the not-too-distant future. With investors/partners like Steve Nash, Baker Mayfield, Matt Barnes, and Quavo just to name a few, this uniquely positioned brand is growing sort of like we did at Nocking Point — with a small group of loyal product and brand supporters who have become part of their unique and growing community. I love the gear and wear it every single day now…and we *might* be doing a special, limited-edition project with them as we lead up the launch of “THE OFFICIAL WINE OF SPORTS”!


I’m all about wellness. From Peloton, to hiking, to HIIT, to eating only whole foods (not just the store!), to tracking my sleep, to my occasional meditation session with the Calm app, I like to find a nice mix of all of it to do right for my mind and body. We know wine is a “better” alternative than most alcoholic drinks out there; but, is there a world where we explore lower alcohol/non-alcoholic beverages by Nocking Point? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this before we make our own judgment either way. Tell us what you think!


We met the team at 501CTHREE several months back, mid-pandemic. Really awesome people. They’re mission is to champion environmental justice around water, food, energy, and shelter. As a perfect example of their work, they’ve improved the water quality crisis in Flint, Michigan and other underserved communities throughout the country through their incredible Water Box program. They’re also the team behind JUST WATER. I subscribe to JUST WATER and have it around for the family and kiddos all the time. Their paper-based packaging is made mostly from paper and their caps are made from sugar cane. Super cool stuff inside and out, give them a look and spread the message if you can!


Skip West, Washington D.C.

The single thing we are most proud of after nearly 8 years of growing Nocking Point is the loyal community we’ve become part of. Skip West has been part of that community from day one, traveling from his home base in Washington D.C. to meet us at NP events all over the country including a handful of trips to our headquarters in Walla Walla, WA. In addition to being an all around good guy and friend of the team, Skip runs a lab in DC and has been on the front lines of COVID testing for the past year. People like Skip and those who work alongside him deserve way more than just a big high-five and thank you from all of us who simply needed to stay home during the pandemic. On behalf of the team here at NP, Skip, we publicly thank you and the rest of the amazing frontline workers out there who led the charge and got us to where we can finally begin to see the light at the end of this tunnel! Cheers, Skip!


We teased this above and on social recently. #OfficialWineOfSports #Legends #NockingPoint…Exclusive, limited edition 💧 coming soon! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 👀




World art day is April 15th. We’re incredibly into art (can you tell from our labels?!) and have our own unique, exclusive spin on artwork coming soon through our new CAPSULE COLLECTION™ series. It’s not another NFT play but if you’re a collector of art AND wine, then the CAPSULE COLLECTION™ drops are going to be right in your wheelhouse. We can’t wait to soak in the finest wines we’ve ever made (literally) while also plastering our walls with artwork from today’s most sought after artists!


As many of you know well, we used to throw a pretty good party back in the normal days. We’re getting word from trusted friends in the healthcare world (both doctors and Govt. agency Covid taskforce specialists) that the world *could* go back to “normal” by mid-August 2021. If we had a little get-together, in say New York around September, would you consider attending? We’d do it in the safest way possible…personally I wouldn’t be comfortable myself any other way! Let us know your thoughts!

Anything awesome or important I missed? Let me know on IG or Twitter!


Until next month, thanks for giving us your valuable attention for a few minutes! Cheers!


Wow! You took this whole thing down. Thank you! As appreciation we want to give you 33% off your next purchase at Just use code “NPB-APRIL” and enjoy a glass out of your next bottle on me. Thank you!


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