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Real Housewives Wines Get Limited Custom Sticker Pack

The Real Housewives Wine Collection just got saucier. No, the alcohol content is still the same, but we’ve added a few pieces of flair that would even have Stan from Chotchkies drooling. For a limited time, Nocking Point is including an exclusive sticker pack in RHW orders that feature some of the most memorable lines from the series. Color them in and share your favorite Real Housewives moment on social media to be featured in Bravo’s #FanFridays.

They are like a coloring book for adults. Yes, you can grab the markers and colored pencils for some ultimate customization. What could be better than channeling some wine-fueled creativity directly back onto the bottle? Whether it’s the Real HouseRed, Real HouseWhite or Real HouseRosé, make it as extra as possible. Don’t just bring a bottle of wine to a friend’s housewarming…bring an original piece of art.

Then drink contents of art.


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