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WE #StandWithUkraine

was created in 2021 with one clear purpose: To utilize wine and our platform to raise awareness and funds for charities, causes, organizations, and people in their greatest times of need. Our buddy Ashton Kutcher came up with the idea for the packaging and the label-reveal aspect makes this wine a true one-of-a-kind (you’ll see when you enjoy it!).

When Ashton and Mila launched their Stand With Ukraine GoFundMe we were proud, inspired, and prepared to do all we could to support the people of Ukraine. Then the idea hit us: let’s use Ashton’s incredible fundraising vehicle, OUTSIDE WINE, and do a timely, short-term, SPECIAL EDITION FRONT LABEL add-on and direct profits to their Stand With Ukraine GoFundMe. Additionally, we wanted to level it up since the conflict is happening in real-time and people in the region need our help NOW…

In addition to donating all net profits from the wine sales, our team will be personally and significantly matching large portions of the funds raised beginning with myself. I will personally match the first $5,000 raised through sales of OUTSIDE WINE: Stand With Ukraine. Once that milestone is passed, I’ll hand the torch to my best buddy and co-founder, Stephen Amell, and he will match the proceeds raised through our next milestone of $10,000. Then, we’ll roll this forward to all of our employees, friends, partners, advisors, close supporters, and our community who have the means to do the same…until we all do our part to help Ashton and Mila reach their goal of $30 million.

Together we raised $1 million for COVID-response charities in 2020 with QUARANTINE WINE. Let’s tap that same spirit and use our powerful community and our platform to provide an immediate impact on what’s happening right now in Eastern Europe. These people need all of our help. Many of us have family or friends in the region and come from families who are from places that have experienced similar atrocities in the past. Let’s make an immediate impact and raise awareness and funds for refugee and humanitarian aid efforts, transporting humanitarian aid to known NGO’s on the ground, and provide free, short-term housing to up to 100,000 refugees. Let’s Stand With Ukraine. Let’s go.

–Andrew Harding

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