Member Notes: February 2022

Dudes Being Dudes is BACK

Dudes Being Dudes in Wine Country was such a blast that we wanted to bring it back in a slightly different format that made it easier to fit into our schedules, but stuck with the original spirit of having (so much) fun while satisfying our own curiosities along the way. Dudes Being Dudes the PODCAST launched a handful of weeks ago and we THANK each and every one of you who have listened, followed, liked, and rated the podcast on your favorite platform. We’re cruising along at 4.9 stars with over 150 ratings at the time of this writing…thank you! We’ve sat down with an Olympic medalist, a TV villain, a slam-dunk-champion-turned-renowned-artist, and a Super Bowl-champion-turned-sommelier in recent episodes. I look forward to these chats every week because I learn something every time while I get to ask all kinds of questions and laugh my face off! Have a listen for yourself!


NP Comes to Boston this summer

See you this summer, Boston friends! Stephen, Lonie, and the whole crew will be in Boston for a weekend of activities and our members can join in on the fun. Lonie played for the Pats for 10 years and is a LOCAL LEGEND. Word is he’s going to hook up some WICKED events and access for everyone in town. There’s word of a Sox game and various parties at local bah’s carrying our juice. Long story short, members get to join in on the fun all weekend long so stay tuned for more updates and we’ll see you in Boston this July!

NP enters the Metaverse…with MUCH MORE TO COME!

Our latest CAPSULE COLLECTION launch went down last week and sold out in 1 day. Ex-NBA star and slam-dunk-champion-turned-renowned-artist Desmond Mason blessed us with his incredible vision and artistic talent to put together “EVOLTRA” (“Art Love” spelled backwards), our first capsule that includes wine, artwork, and and NFT. For those of you who got the capsule stay tuned to hear from our team shortly – we’ll collect your Wallet Address and Air Drop your NFT to you! We’ve got much bigger plans in the NFT + actual physical wine + more experiences and utility but for now we’re proud to plant our flag in the metaverse with this inaugural web3 project!

Dez’s EVOLTRA wine is still available by the bottle and every case purchase also comes with an NFT Air Drop!

One last thing: Watch Dez in the 2003 Dunk Contest. Jordan and the rest of the judges gave him the crown! Guy has HOPS!

Trio packs in the shop for non-members (members can too w/10% off + free shipping 😎)

As you’d expect, we get a ton of member and customer questions and interest related to how they should get started with our wines. We make A LOT OF THEM, so we get it. We figured what better way to introduce our wines to you and your friends than curated packs of vino to make your choice simpler. You like white wines? We got you with the Bright Whites Trio. You like rose’? Try the ROSÉ ROSÉ ROSÉ pack. Pinot Noir? BOOM GO HERE. Help us help you grab the perfect wine mix for your next dinner, date night, pool party, celebration, or for any old reason at all. We’ve got you with our bundles! Members take 10% off + free shipping, as always!

NP wines are now available at H-E-B locations in Texas!

We have thousands of customers in Texas (thank you all!). Stephen has family in Texas and spends more and more time in Austin as his home-away-from-home. My mom was born in Texas. My kiddos have cousins and family there too. So, when we landed 101 H-E-B stores throughout Texas we were STOKED to say the least! I hear we’re already in about a dozen stores with wines hitting more and more of them each week. So, Texas friends…when you hit H-E-B next time please tell them Nocking Point Wines sent you and when you go to grab a bottle of vino, you know what to do!


The Member DISCORD is live!

We launched our members-only DISCORD in February. Stephen and I did a live, audio AMA-style session with a bunch of our members and it was a blast. We love popping in there from time-to-time to answer questions and take feedback in real-time. Most importantly, it’s a great place for members to connect with each other and talk about wine to really anything they feel like. It’s our little clubhouse…and we’re pumped to be in there with our members! Get in there with us if you’re a member!

We’re about to spread the word…and the LOVE!

We’re adding two new audience-generated segments to Dudes Being Dudes the Podcast soon:

  • Ask the Dudes. You send in a question via audio clip, we plug it into the episode and answer it live. We’ll pick one per episode…and we can’t wait.
  • Spread the word. You send in an audio clip “elevator pitch” for your project, business, book, charitable cause, or whatever else you’re working on and feel like more people should know about. We’ll pick one per episode to run and talk about…and we’ll definitely spread the love!

Stand by, we’ll have links on how you can submit your questions and elevator pitches very soon!

We love to spread the love!

Got something to share with us and the rest of your Member Community? Tell us!! We all share a lot of the same interests and passions so let us know what’s moving you right now and what you think the rest of your Member friends might like to know about too. Text us at (509) 394-5998 anytime and let us know what you want us to think about, learn about, and possibly share with everyone. Discord will be a great place for this too so it’s up to you…but don’t be shy, reach out!

Until later, Member friends. We’ve got wine to make and weekend wine festivals to plan! 

– Andrew
NP’s co-founder

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