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Zoom The Vatican Collection: Signed Edition (Limited to 50)
Zoom The Vatican Collection: Signed Edition (Limited to 50)

The Vatican Collection: Signed Edition (Limited to 50)

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*Limited to 50 Available*

This is the ultimate collectors edition, each box will include 1 bottle of each wine from The Vatican Collection signed by the artist.  You'll receive 10 bottles of premium wine featuring artwork by Franco Vescovi, Alexis Vaatete, Latisha Wood, Dmitry Troshin, Armando Saldana, Denis Tidan, Devin Mena, Alex Sorsa, Zero, and Max Twenty Eight.  Only 50 of each label will be signed. 

*Please allow *4-6 weeks for signed bottles to be shipped. 

The Vatican Collection: Signed Edition (Limited to 50)




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