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Year 10: A Special Note From Our Founders

It's our 10th year. Thank you for joining us on this incredible ride.

Hi there,

We hope 2022 is off to a wonderful start for you. Nocking Point Wines just entered into our 10th year in existence and we have several announcements to share with you that have been, well, 10 incredible years in the making.

Nocking Point Wines was born in 2012 when two best buddies got a wild idea to create a winery in Walla Walla, WA – my hometown – that did things a little differently than all the other wine brands out there. Ten years later we’ve reached more than 250,000 customers across dozens of countries, produced hundreds of wines, partied with you on 3 continents, and raised millions of dollars for charity. We owe a huge thank you to you for playing your part in making this dream all come true.

Ten years in and we’ve learned a lot. Most of all, we’ve learned that tradition, quality, community, inclusion, and connecting with our members has always been our north star. The past few years have been more difficult than ever to connect with our members in person but that appears to be changing as we speak and we can’t wait to see each and every one of you at an upcoming NP event near you. We’re incredibly excited to get back to the traditions, experiences, and moments that brought us all together and created a community of friends from all of the world who share a like-minded view of what good wines and great times should really look like.

10 years in, 10k members forever.

Our members stuck with us in a gigantic way through the last two years while making a personal connection and delivering a personal experience was harder than any of us have ever experienced. So, in the spirit of tradition, of over-delivering on experience, of exceeding expectations on quality, and in maintaining a more personal connection with every single Nocking Point club member out there, we have made the decision to cap our club membership to just 10,000 members. Yup, at 10 years in it’s just us and our 10k members, forever.

We’ve had far more than 10,000 people come in and out of the clubs since day one. Heck, we had a WAITLIST of over 10,000 back in the early days when we had no wine! The early members know us well, the newer ones maybe not so much, but the OG core of members stayed more loyal than we could have ever imagined. So, we’re over-delivering for our close-knit member community and we’re keeping it tight, personal, and special for each and every one of you. Smartest business move ever? Probably not. The right thing to do for our most loyal members? Of course it is.

Why? Tradition, quality, personal experiences & connections, and community -- our north star through it all.

Our members will continue to get more and more and more. Here’s a glimpse into what we have in mind for the immediate future: 

  • You’ll be 1/10,000 members in the club, forever. We made 30k cases of wine in 2020 alone. That’s enough for 30,000 members as a point of reference.
  • You’ll get free access to every Nocking Point event/party in the future. That’s right, members simply RSVP, show their member cards at the door, and walk right in. You’re part of the fam.
  • You’ll always get 10% off + free shipping on everything you ever order from NP. Wine, coffee, merch, all of it. 
  • You’ll be put into our members-only community tools like our new Discord (stay tuned!) and more where connecting with us and other members will become easier than ever before. There’s much more to this coming but all in all, we want our community to have more access to one another on an opt-in basis too.
  • You’ll get full access to our members-only shop where ONLY members can shop wines and merch that are most important to us. Library wines, reserve wines, exclusive members merch drops, and more. Just for your eyes only.
  • You’ll be the only ones to get our flagship and heritage wines like the Year 1-10 series, Pink Wine for Dudes, Origins, Amell-bec, Hometown Red, and the other original labels you grew to love in the early days.
  • Your member card will have real, tradeable value. And others will have FOMO. Some friends will know exactly what this means, others will be glad they’re in the club when it happens. Get REALLY excited.
  • For the first time ever we’ll have an opportunity for our international friends to join the club (sans wine) that will give them all of the in-person and tradeable benefits listed above too. Stay tuned, it’s all happening, friends!
  • There’s more, but we want to hang onto a few surprises for you in 2022 as well…

If you’re not a member but you’ve supported NP in the past, we appreciate you a TON. Don’t think of this as keeping you out of our club, but think about us as a brand that loves our members and wants to over-deliver for them on a more personal level than every other wine club out there. You can still access wines in our shop or grab a selection of our newer labels at a store near you. Maybe we’ll even see you in person at a retail launch near you soon!

Thank you all again for believing in us from the early days when you joined our club and bought our wines based purely on trust, without ever having tried them. We saw you then, we see you now, and we can’t thank you enough. One way we can show this appreciation is to make everything we do more personal, more intimate, higher-quality, higher value (in more than one way ;) ) and more special for each and every one of you. So…10 years in, 10k members forever.

We’ve currently got a few spots left in both the quarterly and monthly wine clubs so if what you’ve just read sounds nice, move quickly and we’d love to have you. When spots fill up you’ll see the waitlist form and we’ll do our best to accommodate waitlist members in the future as spots in the club make themselves available. Stay tuned for the first big member benefit announcement coming in just a few days. It’s our first live event in almost two years and members are all invited to come, well, on us.

All our best to you and yours in 2022.


Andrew Harding & Stephen Amell


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Stephen and Andrew, Congratulations! Been with NP from the beginning and it’s wonderful to see how Nocking Point has grown, producing fabulous wine while always maintaining a warm family atmosphere!

Holly Osburn (Mama H)

You guys rock. NP rocks. Really 10 years already??? I’m so disappointed that I can’t make it to the party. My oldest, who was the original seed that brought me to this whole amazing world, is graduating from college that weekend. Then again, it is somehow fitting, as I have planned trips, bought plane tickets, and even made it to Walla Walla several times, yet have only attended the actually party 25% of the time!! My best to you all, and here is to 10 times another 10 years!


Thank you! Its one thing I have done for myself!
So excited your wine is at BevMo is my city!

Samantha Price

I am not a wine person but i love your coffee. I look forward to my box every month.

Fari Ramsdell

Hi there, I do not drink alcohol but I do appreciate people who work very hard on what they do and wishing you all the best for the 2022!

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