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Introducing The Capsule Collection

Define Capsule Collection: nounLimited quantity, multi-element release designed to go together; harmonized in look, line, and taste.

Okay, yeah maybe we added ‘taste’.

Cue: the Nocking Point Wines - Capsule Collection 

Think NFTs, but an IRL experience: an NFT you can drink… and touch… and put on a literal pedestal anywhere in your home.

Co-founder Andrew Harding and much of the team here at Nocking Point are deep in collector culture (read: sneaker culture). From Hypebeast to trading cards, and everything in between, we understand wanting something most people don’t have.

So, why not bring that ‘limited edition W’ feeling to life with what we do best? 

With only 500 releasing for purchase at a time, these Capsule Collections are our version of an objet d’art collectible: pairing wine & culture to art & creativity. 

You’re probably wondering what’s in the drop? 

This is something we’ve never done before. And first-of-its-kind.
The details are being kept secret until September 17th, but here’s what I’ll share in meantime:

With your purchase, a custom sneaker-style box will include:

  • 2 Numbered bottles of our highest-quality wine, curated, name & designed 100% by the artist
  • An extra, hand-cut, authentic wine label to save, mount, protect and keep forever
  • Alt version of the artwork printed, hi-res on heavy-duty stock
  • Certificate of Authenticity with branded envelope & closure

Attention to details? We love that.

From the hand-cut labels right off original production, to the clean box design your items will deliver in, the value is represented in quality & experience.

For the first edition, Montreal-based abstract artist Callen Schaub selected a Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley, OR. He named the wine Gaudère, a term that comes from the Latin verb meaning to rejoice or take pleasure in, with label art reflecting the artist’s signature method. 

“It felt fitting to name the wine Gaudère given it evoked the joie de vivre one experiences while drinking wine,” said Schaub. “I chose to go with my classic swinging trapeze method as its movement reminded me of the act of swirling wine in your glass to bring out all of its aromatic layers. The color palette was chosen to emulate the textures and flavors typical of a pinot noir - elegant, velvety and fruit forward.” 

Schaub is recognized for his vibrant paintings using trapezes, pendulums, and spinning machines and frequently shares his process with his 5M TikTok followers. Over the years, he has participated in a variety of the most relevant and coveted art shows including Art Basel Miami, Schaub’s "Fake Art" Exhibition in New York City, and the Joseph Gross Gallery in LA. While his paintings hang in collections across the globe, Schaub has also partnered with major art, design and fashion brands like Edenic Design, Yves Saint-Laurent, tiff., Levi’s, Art Gallery of Ontario; however, this is Schaub’s first collaboration with a wine brand.

“Every year, Stephen and I try to take the brand further,” said Nocking Point co-founder, Andrew Harding. “We have collaborated with a variety of celebrities and influencers but we’ve both wanted to incorporate more artists and create some truly significant collectables. These Capsule Collections are sort of like NFTs that you can drink and enjoy! Our monthly wine club members appreciate the introduction to new people and products and this is just the next step in our constantly evolving journey.” 

The next two months will feature Capsule Collection collaborations with NBA player and abstract artist Desmond Mason and artist, designer and muralist Greg Mike. SO STAYED TUNED!

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Stacy Burns

I received a bottle of the Cavs Cab as a gift and it was love at first sip. I can’t wait to try many more bottles.

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