Welcome to MEMBER NOTES, the place where our members get the monthly download on what happened recently at NP, what’s ahead, and how you can get the most out of your membership and our awesome community. Let’s go…

It’s Our 10th Year

10 years ago we took a road trip that would change our lives forever, introduce us to a ton of new and talented people, teach us about a ton about an entirely new world, connect with hundreds of thousands of new friends & wine lovers, and make an impact along the way. We formed the company “Nocking Point Wines”, bought the domain name, set up the Facebook page, and made a call to employee #1 – Sarrah Harding – on a beach in the Caribbean while enjoying a bunch of rose’. 10 years and many milestones and good times later, here we are. We will be celebrating our 10th year throughout this year so keep an eye out for invitations and opportunities to join in on the fun all year long! Oh, and we’ve capped our total members to 10,000…forever. We love our members and want to keep our wines and experiences personal and special for each and every one of you.

WW Party May 13-14

Let’s get together in Walla Walla again for the first time in 3 years! We can’t believe it’s been that long and we are SO EXCITED to share our new downtown tasting room with you. Think of this year’s event as more like a daytime festival with music, food, comedy, giveaways, and more. Sarrah and team have already worked with the city to block off the entire alley behind our building (it’s a small, nice town and a NICE alley!) so we’ll be keeping as much of the event, music, and food outside as possible. And, it allows us to have more pouring stations than ever before so you’re never without a nice little pour of your favorite NP wine. Members come all day for free…see you there in May!

Please welcome Will Blackmon, NP’s official sommelier

If you know, you know. If you’re not familiar, Will Blackmon spent over a decade in the NFL and won a Super Bowl with the Giants in 2011 (Remember when they beat the 18-0 Patriots? Our resident Strategy & Partnerships guy, Lonie Paxton, was on THAT Patriots team!). Now, he’s followed his passions and gone all-in on the vino. The “WINE MVP” himself has become a sommelier and you’ll be hearing from him regularly starting immediately. We make REALLY good wines and we felt like we didn’t talk about the wine themselves enough…so we’ve brought in a true unbiased expert to talk about them for us. You’re going to love the content he’s creating about us and our wines…welcome to the team, Will!


That’s right, we did it. Now, members can login with your member login credentials and gain members-only access to your very own shop. In this new shop you can expect:

  • Members-only wines
  • Members-only, curated packs at members-only pricing
  • Exclusive apparel and merch that’s members-only
  • Invites, RSVPs, and giveaways
  • When new offers drop, 9 times out of 10 they’ll land in the MEMBER SHOP first!

By capping our membership at 10,000 members it allows us to get really good at making sure we over-deliver for each and every one of our members and the MEMBER SHOP is just one new way we’re making that happen.

Member DISCORD invites coming soon!

If you know Discord, fantastic. If you haven’t used it, you’ll catch on quick. Think of it as the community communication tool where we can talk to you, you can talk to each other, and everyone can talk to us. We can hop in in real-time to have chats, we can share updates with everyone, we can drop in surprise invites and opportunities, or you guys can talk amongst yourselves. We’re excited to open up the conversations amongst our members and look forward to joining you in our Members-Only Discord soon. Stand by for your invite…it’s coming!


It’s coming BAAAACK! Very soon. That’s it for now. Stay tuned!!


Got something to share with us and the rest of your Member Community? Tell us!! We all share a lot of the same interests and passions so let us know what’s moving you right now and what you think the rest of your Member friends might like to know about too. Text us at (509) 394-5998 anytime and let us know what you want us to think about, learn about, and possibly share with everyone. Discord will be a great place for this too so it’s up to you…but don’t be shy, reach out!

Until later, Member friends. We’ve got wine to make and weekend wine festivals to plan! 

– AH & SA



I love being a part of this club I hope that we get the wine here in Australia 🇦🇺 soon and that we will have more np parties too


Awesome. Everything is awesome like the catchy but annoying song from the Lego movie.
Thanks for making NP THE place to be.

Nancy Smith

Your wine is the best!

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